About Break Pal and its creators

Phil & Liz WeaverPhil & Liz Weaver

Hi We're Phil and Liz Weaver, the creators of Break Pal. And here's why we did it.

We run a martial arts school (www.shengchikungfu.com), so typically we get a lot of exercise. However we also run a web business so sometimes we do a little computer binging. Sometimes in the course of building websites we would spend days at a time at the computer. We would feel terrible for days after working this way, and had a hard time re-motivating to exercise.

Realizing that many people today spend their lives this way, we created what we think is a great solution to the problem. Using our knowledge of kung fu motion, aerobics, and some computer programming we created a program called Break Pal. It runs in the background and every thirty minutes it pops up and teaches a quick lesson on our own unique soft style aerobics, kungfuaerobics a very fluid aerobic program which is a fantastic workout but easy on the joints and back.

The exercises are based on the motions of a very unique and fluid form of kung fu. Therefore they are very easy on the body. They also take very little space. They can be done in the space of most cubicles. Realizing the overall ill health of the typical American, we feel we have found the answer for those at the greatest risk, those with desk jobs. We really hope we can positively impact the health of as many as possible through Break Pal.