Did You Just Sabotage Yourself?

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In the twenty plus years I've been helping people reach their goals I've seen over and over that there is one thing that stops them from being successful.

I've seen it so many hundreds and hundreds of times that I do everything I can to prevent it from happening to people. Because once it happens it's
usually the death sentence for that goal.

Well, I've just witnessed it happen en masse. To literally hundreds of people at once.

And it makes me sad :-(

You see we all have this little thermostat inside of us. That little thermostat likes to keep things as they are. Even if those things are bad.

No matter what our goals are. Whether they are to be more productive, to make more money, to lose weight, or to be healthier. That little thermostat doesn't like change. It likes to reset itself right back where it was.

Strange little thing it is.

And it's smart too! It doesn't try to reset itself when your looking.

It waits..................

and waits................

Then when it finds the right time, it strikes.

No, not in a big loud attack. No, it's smarter than that.

It just very innocently makes a little suggestion at the perfect time.

"Hey, How about we eat that doughnut?"

"Maybe we should just skip our workout today? It is a holiday coming up you know!"

And then it's won. You're off your routine and headed right back to where that thermostat was set at before.

The goal has been all but forgotten.

I saw it happen but you might not have noticed.

You see I've been tracking your exercise on Break Pal. It's what we do. Hold people accountable. Keep them moving towards their goals.

You wouldn't believe what I saw. Two weeks ago Break Pal users were cruising along getting lots of points. Some people get as many as 75 points per week. Depending on which exercises they picked, that could be as many as 3750 calories (Over a pound of fat)

People were being productive. Getting healthy.

Then just before the 4th of July that all stopped.

Now that would be fine, except they didn't get back at it. A little splurge now and then doesn't hurt at all. A little break once in awhile is fine.
But that's not what happens.

That little thermostat waited until the routine was off and quietly whispered an innocent little suggestion.

"Why don't we skip our Break Pal workouts today? It is a holiday week"

And just like that all those people that were moving towards those goals stopped moving forward and started moving backwards.

Are you one of them? Did that happen to you?

Well I'm going to try to speak a little louder than that little voice.


It's Monday morning so fire up Break Pal. No excuses!

Go get the timer going and get your exercises in. You'll feel better. You'll be more productive.

And this week we are going to watch closely. On Friday, Liz is going to pick one of the top users and interview them.
We'll post the interview and send it out to everyone

It would be great if you were that person. The one that inspires everyone else to get healthier and more productive.
So be an inspiration for everyone else. Go get your timer started


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