We're Now Part of the First Lady's Apps for Healthy Kids

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When people use the phrase "We're really excited to announce" as an opening line of a press release, blog post, etc. it's kind of one of my pet peeves. To me it kind of says "Hey listen while I talk about myself and how wonderful I am. There will be nothing in it for you. Just me talking about me". It's a very non-original opening and totally over used.

But you know what? Oh well.


Break Pal has been accepted into the ""Apps for healthy kids" competition put on as a part of first Lady Michelle Obama's Let's move campaign. This contest is put on in conjunction with the USDA

Break Pal has been used in a few classrooms and it's a huge help. With schools cutting Physical Education out kids really need it now more than ever. Exercise is necessary for proper brain function. We hope to get Break Pal in classrooms across the country and promote exercise in the classroom.

The winning applications, to be decided by August 15, will be awarded $10,000 and, perhaps more importantly, will be promoted for at least one year by the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign, which hopes to end childhood obesity within a generation.

There are two ways to win

1) The Judges. Winners will be selected by a panel of esteemed judges (including Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and Aneesh Chopra, the U.S. Chief Technology Officer).

2)Popular Choice - The popular choice award is voted on by YOU!. Liz and I would really Really appreciate your Vote. We're up against apps built by large game companies and corporations with lots of funding. As you know, it's just Liz and I behind Break Pal. We've done this whole thing without funding and without outside help other than a few friends stopping by and helping to hold a camera now and then. Winning this competition would be HUGE for us.

So go vote. It'll only take you a minute. And if you would help by promoting it in your facebook feed, tweeting it, or telling your friends it would be very appreciated.

Here's the link

If you have votedplease Leave a comment below telling me so and I'll be sure to authorize your comment

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