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Pain During Intercourse: More Common than You Think

A very common yet difficult topic for many women to discuss with their doctor is painful sex. Some women don’t discuss it because they assume nothing can be done. Some women think it is normal for sex to hurt.
Most commonly, though, many women are embarrassed to discuss such a personal issue. What a lot of people don’t realize is that painful sex is very common for women. Three out of every four women at one time or another will have painful sex. For a majority of women, this discomfort subsides or is self treated with minimal effort by using lubricants. However, for women who have continued pain or lubricants don’t work, there may be hope.
Painful sex can have a tremendous affect on a couple’s relationship and cause a significant amount of stress for many women. When I see someone for painful intercourse, I try to differentiate between two different types of pain. Some women have pain at the opening of the vagina and the pain starts at penetration. The second type of pain is usually deep vaginal or pelvic pain. These people don’t have pain with initial penetration but instead will have progressively worsening pain with deeper penetration.
While some women have both, most people can identify as having one or the other. It is important to differentiate between the two because the cause of each is different and the treatment of each is different.

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Corporate wellness: Non-Compliance Can Get You Sacked

Health and productivity of employees at the workplace are closely intertwined, so it’s small wonder that companies are becoming more aggressive in ensuring that workers are in excellent physical condition. While some may dismiss corporate wellness programs as an encroachment on privacy, business leaders are unlikely to change their mind; after all, they have been hard pressed to find a solution to the rising costs of insurance premiums and health care.

The University of Michigan studied the health care expenditures of Steelcase Corporation and found that it paid $597 more yearly for each employee who drank excessively. Steelcase Corporation spent $488 more for each sedentary worker, $327 more for each employee with hypertension, and $284 more for a smoker.

Based on the findings of the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, for every 100 U.S. workers:

27 suffer from a disease affecting the heart
24 suffer from high blood pressure
50 suffer from high cholesterol
26 suffer from obesity
26 smoke
10 drink heavily
50 seldom exercise
44 suffer from stress

One of the major health-related issues in the workplace which contributes to reduced productivity, absenteeism, and accidents while on the job is fatigue. A study which appeared in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine estimates that 40 out of 100 American workers experience fatigue.

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Three-day anti-terrorism exercise concludes

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) - The Coast Guard and multiple local, state and federal agencies throughout Hampton Roads concluded a three-day anti-terrorism exercise Thursday.

The exercise simulated multiple terrorist attacks to test response capabilities in maritime hostage and mass casualty scenarios, U.S. Coast Guard officials said.

More than 400 people participated in the mass casualty exercise at Norfolk's Harbor Park on Thursday.
Traffic bandits
"We've had a simulated chemical attack. We're conducting search and extraction of patients with our search and extraction team. Coming through here, they're going through a decontamination line," said Virginia National Guard Command Sgt. Major Daryl Plude.

On the other side of the ball park, first responders from Norfolk and other localities tended to the "wounded." Time was of the essence and waiting for state and federal resources to arrive is not always an option.
Traffic bandits review
"We've got a mass casualty plan we put together jointly. The purpose of today was to practice that," said Norfolk Fire and Rescue Chief Jeffrey.

State Homeland Security Secretary Terrie Suit declined to go into specifics but did say lessons were learned during the exercise.

PPC Ad Copy That Converts – All Revealed

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One of the tasks your PPC ad must do is make people do a full stop and read the ad headline. As you know, people use keywords when they are looking for something in the search engines. You will need to use relevant keyword in your campaigns because of the quality score assignment. Think of it in terms of optimizing your landing pages and ads with the appropriate keyword phrases. The more savvy PPC advertisers specify to use the keyword insertion tool so their phrases are automatically placed in the titles.

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Nasal breathing exercise

I've had some requests for more information on the Nasal breathing exercise. In simple terms it is used to restore balance. My yoga instructor taught me to do it before beginning the Sun Salutation exercise. Done by itself it helps me relax and re-focus.

You can read more about it here.'s picture


I'm new to break pal, and this seems like such a great concept. With exercise comes energy and with energy comes productivity. It's a great way to stay in shape in my home office, but I am still a little confused as to how things work. First of all, what are the points for? Do you cash them in for like a new exercise or something? The second thing is how do you shut break pal down at the end of the day? I closed it out last night but it wouldn't relaunch this morning. I had to uninstall it and then install it again to get it to work. Does anyone have any insight on these questions? Thanks.

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Weekend work out

What are your weekend workout plans?

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Lunar new Year

The Chinese Lunar New Year was Feb 3rd this year. I consider this my New Year. Every calendar new year I get poison oak,I can't work out and I struggle with sleep due to the medication. So when the lunar New Year rolls around I'm really ready to start a new year.

My poison oak has healed and I'm working to restore my sleep patterns. Today will be my first work out in a while. I know it will feel good today then hurt like crazy in two days. Such is life.

It looks like I'm not the only one feeling motivated. We have quite a few new members and a lot of returning ones as well.

Lets get to it!


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I'll Be Back to My Fitness Pal

Now that I have a normal schedule going on I can finally take some time to set some goals. I really need to set my goals. It is hard for me to keep more than one blog, so this one here at My Fitness Pal tends to get put on the back burners. I have Windows 7 and have since pinged MFP to the bottom of my screen so it is there for me to see now. This way, I wont forget to turn it on.
I was recently picked of for the Nutrisystem Nation blogger program. I will be writing about my ups and downs as well as reviews. For anyone interested you can follow my blog at I have been really busy, I am taking 9 classes so that I can graduate with my BA in June. My writing is going well and my blog has been picked up for syndication.
With all this sit down work I need MBP now more than ever. I am linking it in my blog and will be adding it to my links/blogroll as well. I had to move from free blogger to self hosted word press and had to take some time redoing my blog. It has been crazy since the holidays, sometimes putting in 12hr days. But I know it will be worth it in the end.

How are all of you doing on MFP?


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