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Where did the time go?

Wow, I was surprised when I got an email stating I had not been in my account for some time.
The holidays were a mad rush and this week I have been working on redoing my website. Moving from free blogger with my own domain to self hosted with my domain using wordpress. It has been stressful and frustrating. But, the move is done, just in time for the new year.

Honestly, I have forgotten to turn on MBP. My only thought process has been my website.

School starts back up for me Jan 6th, so I have a few days before all of that homework starts to pile up. Thankfully this should be my last semester with graduation being in June. I will finally have the BA I started 10 years ago! I have the paperwork next to me for my grad school application, but I am still debating about that. I have been in school non-stop for the last 2 years.

My exercise has been non existent. It is easy to get wrapped up in life. I have been considering going back to Weight Watchers. I was on the program years ago, lost the weight, made lifetime and over the years gained it back. I should take advantage of my lifetime status to go to the meetings at a discount rate until I get my weight back down. Then I can go for free. The finally have a meeting closer to my house (oh the joys if country living). But the online plan is much more convenient for me, and is a bit cheaper.

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Wrapping up 2010

I am wrapping up the last few projects of 2010. My goal for this last year was to be finished with all "old projects" and be moving forward in 2011.

I'm a big believer in Volunteering. You have to give in order to receive and you can't take it with you so you might as well give while your here. For the last twelve years I had taken this a bit too far and joined a lot of clubs and organizations in the small town where I live. After thousands of luncheons, meetings, committees and events I found myself exhausted and my work had seriously suffered. Projects were undone, half done or not even started. I realized that although these clubs and causes were indeed worthy of my time were they really the causes I wanted to put my time and energy toward? The answer was no.

So in 2010 I swung the pendulum to the opposite side and dropped out of every club and focused on my health, my family and my work. It's been a fantastic investment in me. I only have one old project left to finish up this week and my office is clear of clutter for the first time in 13 years.

So now that Christmas has passed and all the gifts have be wrapped an unwrapped. Give yourself the gift of wrapping up any unfinished 2010 projects in the next few days. Let's welcome and enjoy the coming of the new year and all the goodness it will bring.


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I can't believe I have been absent all week! I also can't believe I have missed the program! Ha. Who would have thought I would miss exercise?!?! I have been trying to get ready for the holidays and have not been at my desk for long periods of time. Good for the body, bad for work. I have a couple of book reviews I need to finish up on for my website along with some updates. Then there are more presents to wrap. It is going to be busy, busy for the next few days. If I am not around, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I will be back on Monday!

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Other Videos?

So far I am loving this program!

I was just wondering, do you guys have more videos in the works? Are they all going to be Yoga based?

I would love to see some things like jumping jacks, walking in place, arm circles, maybe even the jump rope w/o the rope. I found a few of these on YouTube, but who has time to remember to go there?? It would be great to see these in the videos we currently have. I know some office people may not want these, especially those that share an office space or are in a cubicle, but I know many who would enjoy these!

How is everyone else doing??? Are you loving it???

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Curious to Know

I log all my meals and exercise on My Fitness Pal. I am curious to know how I would input this? Would I just total all minutes and place in light impact aerobics, cardio, or????

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Secret Toothache Cure

Here you will not just come to know the toothache cure, but also the ways to avoid the pain in the future. Some of the natural homemade remedies that can temporarily relieve you from that horrible toothache will be discussed next.

Salt is a great treatment to alleviate painful sensations in a short time. You just need to take a pinch of salt and press it on the affected tooth. Another thing you can try is adding a small amount of salt to tepid water and rinsing your mouth with it. It's very important that this becomes a part of your oral heath routine.

Add a pinch of salt and pepper or you can also dip a clove of garlic in salt and place this on the affected tooth. Garlic kills bacteria in your mouth and can thus ease pain. While hot pepper applied on the gums will initially increase the pain, it will eventually have a numbing effect which is why is is recommended for people who can withstand a little pain.

Dip a cotton ball into whiskey or any other liquor and press it on the area were you are experiencing the pain. Remember do not consume it as a drink as it would increase your blood pressure, which in turn will worsen your pain.

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We're Now Part of the First Lady's Apps for Healthy Kids

When people use the phrase "We're really excited to announce" as an opening line of a press release, blog post, etc. it's kind of one of my pet peeves. To me it kind of says "Hey listen while I talk about myself and how wonderful I am. There will be nothing in it for you. Just me talking about me". It's a very non-original opening and totally over used.

But you know what? Oh well.


Break Pal has been accepted into the ""Apps for healthy kids" competition put on as a part of first Lady Michelle Obama's Let's move campaign. This contest is put on in conjunction with the USDA

Break Pal has been used in a few classrooms and it's a huge help. With schools cutting Physical Education out kids really need it now more than ever. Exercise is necessary for proper brain function. We hope to get Break Pal in classrooms across the country and promote exercise in the classroom.

The winning applications, to be decided by August 15, will be awarded $10,000 and, perhaps more importantly, will be promoted for at least one year by the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign, which hopes to end childhood obesity within a generation.

There are two ways to win


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