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Liz on the Jenny Gallagher Show

Liz was just interviewed on the Jenny Gallagher Show. WKSC 1300
If you missed it here is the recording

Liz on the Jenny Gallagher Show

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In an effort to live my life with an “attitude of gratitude” I keep my Peak Potentials notebook on my desk, in it there is an exercise that asks you to list 10 things/people you are grateful for and why.

I keep it on my desk in an effort to do this as my first task. I do have days where I feel work can’t wait, even 5 minutes, and I don’t do this exercise. Being honest my work is important and adds value to other people’s lives but it isn’t like I’ve got someone waiting on the operating table.

Yesterday was one of those days where I was off to work first. Then my Gratitude lesson walked in the front door, a homeless 23 year old. On the weekend’s men come to the door on a regular basis now looking for work. Normally we don’t really have anything that needs to be done that we can pay them for, they are gracious and move on to the next building.

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Go ahead and'll regret it.

Memory is a funny thing. The way I remember it I stormed into the kitchen, hands on hips, looked up at my mother and said “I quit.”
Mom said “Go ahead and quit you’ll regret it when you’re old.”

As always Mom was right. Now at 42 this old dog is learning a new trick. Piano. I’ve only had a couple of lessons but I love it. My brain is enjoying doing something new and the piano that was in storage, collecting dust for years, is being used and appreciated.

Why did I quit in the first place? My piano teacher would rubber band my fingers together to get me to stretch them more. Have you seen my hands? I have long thin fingers, perfect for piano. I was just a kid. I was supposed to have hands that matched my body!

I also seem to remember that I couldn’t read music but could play by tone, so in an effort to teach me to read music she would not play for me. Again, this is just how I remember it.

I’ll have to ask my Mom if she remembers this at all. My quitting piano as a child might not fall under “important memories” for her.

I shared my fears of the rubber bands to my new Piano teacher. She assured my there
would be no torture. She is funny, patient and doesn’t mind going over things if I don’t comprehend them the first time. I no longer have trouble asking for help so if I need her to repeat something, I simply ask. This way I leave with a clear understanding of what to practice.

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Story time at the Lodi Library

Yesterday I was in Barnes and Nobles, the woman at the help desk directed me to the section I was looking for. What I was looking for happened to be near the help desk so as I wandered around her voice traveled through my ears, into my brain and activated my memory. I looked over and watched her as she interacted with customers; animated face, big smile. I was going to go over and ask her something but instead closed my eyes to enjoy a memory.

Story time at the Lodi Library. My mom would take me. It was downstairs, we would all gather round, sitting on the floor looking up at the story teller who would read with her distinct voice, big smile and animated face. Then she’d turn the book to show us the illustrated pages. I loved it and I loved the memory of it.

When I opened my eyes she was gone. Hesitation causes road kill. I went about my business and when it was time to leave I looked around for her, more listening for her than looking for her. As fate would not disappoint me she was at the checkout register. She asked me how I was and I replied. Then I said “you used to read story time at the Lodi Library?” It was more of a statement than a question. I told her how much I loved it and what a great memory to have.

Now she reads story time at Barnes and Nobles. I wonder what the age limit is for sitting in.

Liz Weaver

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It's a bumpy ride when you take "mind frick" with you

For those of you not familiar with mind frick it's the voice in your head that convinces you you can't do something, or the "what if" voice, what if ___ goes wrong? Sometimes the what if voice is so loud or has such strong control over you it will self fulfill. Whatever ___ was, will happen, basically you just gave in to mind frick.

I wrapped my head around the fact that mountain biking is a bumpy ride, my bike is really good but it's older and doesn't have those the cool shock absorbers like the new bikes. So on yesterdays ride I got zen with bike and relaxed on the downhill slopes excepting the fact that it was indeed a bumpy ride.

I extended the distance of my ride but on the second half the rocks on the trail were greater in number and size. My success on the uphill battle was based on strength, endurance and my ability to work the gears fast enough. Yes, I had to walk it to the top a couple of times. However, on the down hill... that's when the mind frick set in. All I could focus on were the rocks. I was over working the breaks and getting nervous. That's when I knew to get off the bike because I would have crashed just to prove the mind frick right. I walked the bike down half the hill as I warriored up and told the mind frick where it could go.

No worries, I did get back on the back halfway down the hill, but mostly to get some momentum to get up the next one. Whatever works :)

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Just like riding a bike

Yeah right.

Today was my first day to mountain bike. I had to think long and hard about the last time I rode a bike. Once, last year, on flat land while my sister ran. The tire went flat so I ended up walking it back. Before then I'd say it was 14 years ago? That sounds about right. It was a mountain bike but all I ever rode it for was to cruise around the old neighborhoods behind U.O.P. and look at houses. In my mind it was mountain biking I guess because it had mountain bike tires.

This morning as I started actually pedaling uphill I realized I have no idea what I'm doing. I had no idea how the gears worked, by the end of the ride I sort of rode to fit the gears instead of the other way around. I did remove the brackets that lock in my feet. They make me nervous. I also have to remember to be one with the bike, especially when going down hill. Go with the flow as to not fly off.

My next opportunity to ride will be Wednesday, I'll let you know how it goes.

Liz Weaver

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Enough said.

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Everyone gets inspiration from different places. A family member, friend or colleague.

Over the last eight years we've been working on a project that seemed impossible. I truly believed in it so I just kept working at it. I'm blessed with an amazing family and equally amazing friends. They love and support me no matter what. Now this doesn't mean that they don't think I'm crazy it just means that to my face they are loving and supportive.

Over that time I can't tell you how many times I've watched the movie Field of Dreams. Every time I rented it the ladies at Showtime would say "you know you rented this before?". As I got to know them I just told them the movie inspires me during difficult times. Turns out they are loving and supportive as well, from then on when I rented it they just smiled and said "Tough Day?"

Field of Dreams inspired me to follow my dream even if the entire town thinks your crazy. That you have to listen to your heart, the voices in your head and sometimes the voices from the corn field.

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Getting to know Liz Weaver

Around Christmas I ran across a quote “Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful”. It spurred me into a cleaning frenzy. Cleaning doesn’t actually describe it. I have organized my storage, every tool every nail has been sorted and placed somewhere logical. I felt like Cinderella separating the lentils from the ashes as I went through numerous glass jars of mixed nails, washer, bolts etc. It was crazy, it took me over 10 hours but I got it done.

The on to the kitchen, why do I own three crock pots, two wok’s and two electric skillets? No longer, I now own one of each.

Then off to the office I went, old magazines that I’ll never read, gone. Anything sentimental that I wanted to keep has been put into a box to be scanned. The box is in clear sight, I will not hide it!

In my office, in the depths of the drawer on the right I found the most amazing things. Not the least of which were three cigars that I bought while in Germany, does anyone remember how long ago I was in Germany? I don’t and I was there. This building sure didn’t exist, yet at some point I felt the need to have those cigars in my desk. Better yet, who remembers how long it’s been since I actually smoked a cigar? I’m certain it would kill me now.

This brings me to the point of this blah blah blog.


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