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A good question to start the week.

Happy Monday everyone!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have some serious paperwork projects to do this week. It’s no secret that paperwork isn’t my favorite thing, FINISHING it is my favorite thing. O.K. someone else doing it for me would be my MOST favorite thing, but that isn’t going to happen.

Here is a healthy question taken form a book I love, The 4 Hour Work Week written by Timothy Ferriss:

Am I being productive or just active?

I used to fill my days with busywork and wonder why none of the big things were done; I mean I worked all the time. I had to really take a look at my habits, Ouch. Stopping to ask this question a few times a day helped.

Let me know what you think, and no I’m not down to a four hour work week, but I am more productive.

Liz Weaver

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A Little Encouragement for Kat and Gina

How do you do at helping others?

Do you generally lend a hand when it's needed?

I can say with certainty that most of you out there using Break Pal can honestly say yes. I know because I've emailed or conversed with most of you in one way or another. I know in general it's a very positive group. (Oh and it might have something to do with how quickly I delete an account when I sense someone who's a real downer :-) )

So here it is. I hear a lot of stories from frustrated people trying to get in better shape. I've heard success stories to and a lot of good things from people that got started on their journey by using Break Pal.

I'd like to see the group lend a little encouragement to a few frustrated people.

Let's Start with Kat

Kat just recently posted this blog entry

I commented back to her asking if she could commit to just one exercise per day. Not much. Just one three minute exercise.

I'd like to ask a favor of all you Break Pals out there. Would you mind friending her so you can check up on her. Let's see if we can encourage her. don't push her to hard. Just make sure she does one and we'll see what happens from there.

How about it? Will you help.

So, I totally left BreakPal hanging ...

I got all excited about starting the BreakPal program and then I did what all el chubbo people do - let it go. LOL I'm 175 pounds (about 40 pounds heavier than I should be) and I can blame it on the kids alllll day long, but truth be told, I'm just super lazy when it comes to exercise. I have five children and am in desperate need of getting myself in SHAPE so that my energy increases... and also in an attempt to control the symptoms of my Fibromyalgia... and, you know, getting my sexy body back would be a total plus :)

My husband is/was a professional athlete so of course I have this perfect specimen of physical health standing next to me as I gaze helplessly at my frumpy mommy body all soft and gushy in the mirror.! lol So, yeah. I'm back and going to give this yet another shot. I downloaded the widget and I'm all pumped up to see where I can get with BreakPal in the next 30 days... {mainly because I totally need to lose some weight before I pig out for the holidays, right?!} haha So here we go.


<3 Kat @ For the Love of Chaos

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Are there Vegetarians in the house?

I am a carnivore, I have always been a carnivore and thought I would live the rest of my days chowing down on all things meat.

Then I met Olga. Truly the most amazing Yoga teacher I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Even though she told me foolish things like, red meat was bad for my personality type. Rubbish. Or how people with my temperament shouldn't wear Red. Silly. What did she know? I loved her anyway.

Never mind that she was maybe late 50's and had a rock hard body, amazing skin and could stand on her head for long periods of time. Hmmm, perhaps she's on to something.

Last Lent, I gave up all animal protein and low and behold I didn't die. Although I did go back to eating meat I did cut way down on red meat and shifted to more Turkey, tofu and fish.

For many of my adult years I suffered from anxiety and poor sleep. Worrying over everything and never really feeling refreshed. Gradually I beat it, strong Kung Fu exercise to burn off my energy. Chi Kung and Yoga for relaxation and stretching. Walking or Kayaking to connect with nature, monitor the wine intake, hydrate more, be less of a control freak. Finally I beat it and was sleeping through the night feeling refreshed and motivated through out the day.

Then something went terribly wrong...

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Just another Manic Monday

I did a lot of manual labor this weekend. It felt great but I'm a little sore and definitely moving slower than most Mondays.

I'm watching the points go up on our seasoned users. I'm so glad you're committed to this process!

One giant hello to all the new users, I'll be on the site today to answer any questions.


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It's only September, what's the rush?

I just read something online that said “New Years resolutions are just around the corner” ARGHHHH, Are you kidding me? Hmmmm, did anyone see 2009, I know it’s around here somewhere? LOL.

As many of you know I am an active member of Peak Potentials, they have an effective way of training you to focus on the present moment, not live in the past or future. I think I’ll forward their website to the author of the article I just read!

So this brings me to the point of something. Let me know some landmark accomplishments in your life in 2009.

As a society we are tough on ourselves, if you can’t think of something worth celebrating then you are definitely too hard on yourself.
Did you try a bold new haircut? Learn a new language? Learn to cook? Give up TV and read more? Spend quality time with family and loved ones? Write a novel, or a poem for that matter?

At the end of each Cardio and Chi Kung class I say “ the most important part of any exercise is positive reinforcement, so give yourselves a hand” and everyone claps.

Let me and everyone on the site know what your accomplishments are so we can celebrate them now!

So here are mine for today:
Finished all my errands, taught well, blogged.

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Back from Camp!

Hello Everyone!
Well I’m back from my training and finally healthy. It’s amazing how fast a cold or flu can spread when you put 400 people in close quarters!

I’d like to welcome all our new users. I’ll be on all day to say hello and answer any questions. Seasoned users be sure to look for the newbies and friend them, we all know how keeping an eye on one another helps us stay motivated.

I know I’m really going to need Breakpal this week, we’ve had a taste of Fall here in California and it’s been lightly raining since Friday and it looks like we have a day or two before the heat returns. All I know is when the first rain comes all I want to do is eat Pasta and take a nap! So I’ll really be using my own reminders to workout. It’s a blessing and a curse to have a window in my office, I love the fresh air, the cats like to hang out with me, and I can see the entrance to the property, very Feng Shui, the down side is, if it’s sunny I have spring fever and if it’s rainy I want to eat and sleep. Days like this remind me why we created this program.

See you all in 30 minutes!

Liz Weaver

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I'm off to camp!

Hi Everyone,
I’m leaving for camp in about an hour! It's Peak Potentials Enlightened Wizard Training Camp. It’s bound to be wonderful in a "personal growth is hard" sort of way.

I won’t be using Break Pal but I’ll be getting plenty of exercise! Be sure to stick with the program and if you need anything contact Phil. Go easy on him, he’s running the shop alone for the week.

I’ll check in on Monday the 7th!


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Freedom of Blogging. A new twist on Freedom of Speech.

As most Break Pal users are web savvy, you either Blog or know what a Blog is. For those of you who are professional Bloggers we’ve read your Blogs and there isn’t anything inappropriate in them, in fact we are learning a lot about parenting. I thought as a general topic you all might find this interesting.

There is a supermodel who is suing an “anonymous” Blogger who apparently doesn’t think she’s all that super. Anyway, Google has said they will release user names and information only if they receive a subpoena or court order. The model is aggressively pursuing this. The Bloggers attorney says simply “it’s freedom of speech”.

It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on this and see how it pans out.

My mother always says if you don’t like something, this is not a license to be mean or rude, simply be civil. As always, mom has great advice.

Be well, keep working out and keep Blogging.

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Let's raise the level of the ocean!

The WHO (the World Health Organization, not the band) released not happy news about the spread of the H1N1 virus. Today’s release said that one million Americans are infected and the virus has killed more than 700 people since emerging in April. Their report a few days ago stated how the H1N1 virus is affecting people who are overweight. It reads:
"The H1N1 virus replicates significantly better in the lungs," Kawaoka said. Other studies have also shown it can cause gastrointestinal effects, and that it targets people not usually thought of as being at high risk.

"Obesity has been observed to be one of the risk factors for more severe reaction to H1N1" -- something never before seen, Kieny added. It is not clear if obese people may have undiagnosed health problems that make them susceptible, or if obesity in and of itself is a risk.

On Friday, a team at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the University of Michigan reported that nine out of 10 patients treated in an intensive care unit there were obese. They also had unusual symptoms such as blood clots in the lungs and multiple organ failure.

None have recovered and three died."


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