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Staying Motivated

I was reading Better Homes and Gardens, Jan. 2009, They had a good article on how to stay motivated. Hmmm, it looks a lot like Breakpal. Let’s see what they have to say:

1.) Recruit Troops: basically, building a support system, on Breakpal we use the Friends feature so we can track our online workout buddies progress as well as our own.

2.) Be realistic: “…break it up into small goals to stay motivated.” Breakpal, 3 minutes every 30 minutes, yeah, I can do that.

3.) Have a face to face:, it recommends speaking on video about your health and weight and how both affect your life. At Breakpal we have the personal Blogs, a great way to record progress, share success or frustration. It’s also always available to go back and see how far you’ve come and how your views about health, fitness and life have evolved with you.

So, let’s hear it for Better People and Workplaces!


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How Would You Like to Make an Easy Nice Commission

Let's call this creative marketing. Break Pal has a tiny tiny little ad budget. So we'd like to enlist you tohelp.

We're offering a 20% commission for anyone who refers a company to Break Pal. Break Pal is great for companies. It increases productivity. Decreases health care costs. And it reduces worker's comp risks. It's a no brainer.

So how do you get in on it. Easy! Send an email to . You'll immediately be sent an auto responder message. That message is a nice sales letter you can send out to anyone you know who might be interested. Know someone who has a little pull at a company that has employees who work at computers? Then you have a prospect.

Maybe it'll work for you. Maybe not. But it'll take you about two minutes and it might pay off well. Give it a try!

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Well it only took a few millennia but it finally happened.

In Harvard Medical School's May 2009 Publication they write about the benefits of Tai Chi/Chi Kung...

"There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice ... has value in treating or preventing many health problems. And you can get started even if you aren't in top shape or the best of health."

Better late than never.

Good thing all you health conscious Breakpalers didn't wait for them to figure it out!

Let's all keep up the good work and we'll see what Harvard discovers next, maybe "breathing required to sustain life" or something breakthrough like that.


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In celebration of Graduation

I think we should all wear cap and gowns to work on Monday. It’s graduation time and looking at everyone’s points we have all certainly shown up, done the work and learned something new. That we CAN fit micro workouts into our day, be healthier, more productive and still get the job done! I’d like to congratulate our top users, lets call them Valedictorians… Michele Lord , Mrselanieous, Cja 1976, Gertzse, Bluecat. Feel free to stand and make a speech.

Everyone, keep up the good work. We have new dance videos coming soon, they were a blast to film and I think you're going to love them, and so will your co workers.

See you Monday!

Liz Weaver

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In The Stockton Record Today!

So we're in the paper today.

But they called Break Pal a spin off of our personal fitness business.


Should have figured when the reporter called himself a computer potato but then asked "Won't I look funny doing Break Pal" that he wouldn't get it.

Liz told him that people like him do have a choice. Do something good for themselves like Break Pal or ....

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Getting Started Guide?

Is there a guide somewhere on the website about getting started? I have my account and have the widget installed and running. Now what? I know to do an exercise when the widget says so, but is there a guide on how many? If more than 1 a mix of them that works well? From someone who is not into fitness, but would like to get fit, it is a bit confusing.


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Fitting it In

Getting in enough exercise throughout the day is tough. Of course with Break Pal we've got you covered. You get the required 30 minutes. But of course when it comes to exercise more is better.

I've created a facebook group for people to add their tips on how they get in just a bit more exercise throughout the day. If your on facebook please join and share your wisdom

Facebook Fitting It In

And of course please post your comments here.


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New Office Exercise Videos

Hi everyone!
I have great news; we’ve added 15 new exercise routines! And just in time for spring they are going to spring you into shape.

For lower body office exercise with an emphasis on gluteus maximus AKA your butt, try Terrible Icky Painful Things. Talk about truth in advertising. The rule is simple, if it doesn’t hurt your not doing it right.

Lightning bolt is another office exercise one that will burn the fat off your thighs.

For a full body office exercise try standing cobra strike routine, this one is broken down into beginning, intermediate and advanced. The beginning exercises is where I give the most detail. Bone alignment is so important to keeping your body safe and maximizing the workout, even if you already work out a lot please start with the beginning videos.
Same thing with Shou’ Shu’ slide.

When trying Serving Tea, remember it is not a test of your coordination, be sure to have some fun with it.

There are also some good ol’ relaxing videos with some yoga breathing exercises and general stretching.

Please comment on the videos, let me know how you like them. If you need additional detail or just don’t know if you’re doing it right please email or call me. Also, if you haven’t already, find a buddy and keep tabs on one another. Accountability is an essential key to success.

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Break Pal affiliate Program

Finally an affiliate program for Break Pal. Interested in making a couple extra bucks. Maybe a lot of bucks. Help us promote Break Pal.

We've just put the Break Pal Affiliate Program in place. Get paid for referring people.

What could be better. Help your friends get in shape, feel better, and lead more productive lives and get paid while doing it.

We use Clickbank to host our affiliate program. Signup is simple and easy. You can then use your affiliate links wherever you like. In your email signature. In your blog. Wherever (except for spammy places).

So get signed up and make yourself some extra money. Everybody likes that.

Break Pal Affiliate Program


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