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Just checking in

Hi everyone,
Checking in to see how the program is working. Looks like we have some regular users and some who have not started.

I'm getting ready to film more exercises. Please let me know what you would like added.

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How about a little Kaizen for the small businesses and the employees that need it most.

We've talked about Kaizen at break Pal before. This article shows that smaller companies often struggle to offer health and fitness programs to their employees. It also states that in large companies people who are already inclined to exercise are the ones taking advantage of in house health clubs.

With Break pal any company, big or small, can afford to offer a wellness program to employees of all fitness levels.

Let's hear from our users. What size company do you work for?


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Nasal breathing exercise

I've had some requests for more information on the Nasal breathing exercise. In simple terms it is used to restore balance. My yoga instructor taught me to do it before beginning the Sun Salutation exercise. Done by itself it helps me relax and re-focus.

You can read more about it here.

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Weekend work out

What are your weekend workout plans?

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Lunar new Year

The Chinese Lunar New Year was Feb 3rd this year. I consider this my New Year. Every calendar new year I get poison oak,I can't work out and I struggle with sleep due to the medication. So when the lunar New Year rolls around I'm really ready to start a new year.

My poison oak has healed and I'm working to restore my sleep patterns. Today will be my first work out in a while. I know it will feel good today then hurt like crazy in two days. Such is life.

It looks like I'm not the only one feeling motivated. We have quite a few new members and a lot of returning ones as well.

Lets get to it!


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Wrapping up 2010

I am wrapping up the last few projects of 2010. My goal for this last year was to be finished with all "old projects" and be moving forward in 2011.

I'm a big believer in Volunteering. You have to give in order to receive and you can't take it with you so you might as well give while your here. For the last twelve years I had taken this a bit too far and joined a lot of clubs and organizations in the small town where I live. After thousands of luncheons, meetings, committees and events I found myself exhausted and my work had seriously suffered. Projects were undone, half done or not even started. I realized that although these clubs and causes were indeed worthy of my time were they really the causes I wanted to put my time and energy toward? The answer was no.

So in 2010 I swung the pendulum to the opposite side and dropped out of every club and focused on my health, my family and my work. It's been a fantastic investment in me. I only have one old project left to finish up this week and my office is clear of clutter for the first time in 13 years.

So now that Christmas has passed and all the gifts have be wrapped an unwrapped. Give yourself the gift of wrapping up any unfinished 2010 projects in the next few days. Let's welcome and enjoy the coming of the new year and all the goodness it will bring.


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In an effort to live my life with an “attitude of gratitude” I keep my Peak Potentials notebook on my desk, in it there is an exercise that asks you to list 10 things/people you are grateful for and why.

I keep it on my desk in an effort to do this as my first task. I do have days where I feel work can’t wait, even 5 minutes, and I don’t do this exercise. Being honest my work is important and adds value to other people’s lives but it isn’t like I’ve got someone waiting on the operating table.

Yesterday was one of those days where I was off to work first. Then my Gratitude lesson walked in the front door, a homeless 23 year old. On the weekend’s men come to the door on a regular basis now looking for work. Normally we don’t really have anything that needs to be done that we can pay them for, they are gracious and move on to the next building.

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Go ahead and'll regret it.

Memory is a funny thing. The way I remember it I stormed into the kitchen, hands on hips, looked up at my mother and said “I quit.”
Mom said “Go ahead and quit you’ll regret it when you’re old.”

As always Mom was right. Now at 42 this old dog is learning a new trick. Piano. I’ve only had a couple of lessons but I love it. My brain is enjoying doing something new and the piano that was in storage, collecting dust for years, is being used and appreciated.

Why did I quit in the first place? My piano teacher would rubber band my fingers together to get me to stretch them more. Have you seen my hands? I have long thin fingers, perfect for piano. I was just a kid. I was supposed to have hands that matched my body!

I also seem to remember that I couldn’t read music but could play by tone, so in an effort to teach me to read music she would not play for me. Again, this is just how I remember it.

I’ll have to ask my Mom if she remembers this at all. My quitting piano as a child might not fall under “important memories” for her.

I shared my fears of the rubber bands to my new Piano teacher. She assured my there
would be no torture. She is funny, patient and doesn’t mind going over things if I don’t comprehend them the first time. I no longer have trouble asking for help so if I need her to repeat something, I simply ask. This way I leave with a clear understanding of what to practice.


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