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Workplace Wellness for Small Business

Consult your workplace wellness coordinator please.Consult your workplace wellness coordinator please.When we first thought up Break pal we really didn't have a lot of idea as to the state of workplace wellness in the US and around the world. It was just simply a great idea we had to act on. So we did.

Since then our level of expertise in the area has obviously changed. What is really striking at this point is that up until now workplace wellness programs were something found only in the domain of big business and the public sector. Workplace wellness in the small business world was pretty much unheard of.

It's not that there isn't a great deal of benefit for small business. There is. It's just a matter of scale. And as any small business owner knows it's also a matter of what needs to get done 'right now'.

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Prove Peter Wrong!

Just watched an interview with the amazing Peter Shankman.

This is the first I've seen of Peter on video but I read every one of his three emails per day (including the ads). I can say without a doubt I read his email newsletter more than any other email I get. Like Peter, it's straight to the point and awesome. If you want to get media exposure it's the best
Help a Reporter out

He comes off a bit brusque in the video as a lot of people commented. But Frankly, who cares. He's got some good info and has definitely made a success of himself by helping others. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?

But I'm not here to pump Peter Shankman. I'm writing this post to strongly disagree with a statement he makes. At about 17:28 he makes the statement

"Social media is not going to save the world or take 20 pounds off your ass"

And if he's right I might as well pack it up because I'm trying to do both.

Peter's a social media guru. He consults for the biggest of social media campaigns and speaks all over the world on the subject. From the flavor of his email newsletter he's obviously a righteous dude.

But I think social media CAN save the world and take 20 lbs off your ass

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Play or Pay Workplace Wellness

With the health debate raging on and soaring health care costs a major expense for US companies workplace wellness is fast becoming a focus. With the potential to increase productivity, decrease health care costs, and improve morale companies are becoming very serious about looking for effective workplace wellness solutions.

However the question of who's going to pay comes up quickly. One common method that is popping up is "Play or Pay". What companies do is actually charge employees who DO NOT participate in workplace wellness programs. That's sure to raise some opinions. Certainly this is some potential ground for discrimination?

At first look it seems a little uncertain. However if you look at the big picture maybe not.

Brad Creer Says:

Workplace wellness programs are an effective way to reduce major risk factors for heart disease, such as smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, says a new American Heart Association policy statement.

Each year, heart disease costs the United States about $304.6 billion, the association says. Companies spend 25 to 30 percent of their annual medical costs on employees with significant health risks, mainly because of their increased likelihood of experiencing heart disease and stroke, it says.

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Easy Fitness Tips for Professionals

There are times when 24 hours a day are not enough to squeeze in all that you want to do and all that needs to be done. And when you’re a professional with responsibilities on the job that cannot be put off because you are not your own boss, life becomes that much harder because you’re juggling too many balls in the air. So with your personal and professional lives taking up all your time, you have hardly any to devote to health and fitness. But then, without health, you don’t really have a life. So even if you’re the busiest professional in the world, you need to squeeze exercise into your day. A good Workplace wellness can help. If you’re looking for easy ways to do this, read on:

  • Avoid the elevator: Your workplace probably has more than one of these and you’re definitely going to be taking one up or down to your office more than once a day. Instead, try walking up and down the stairs. It will take a little more time, but you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes to your weight, health and fitness.

  • Park far away: Don’t choose the parking spot closest to your building; instead, park as far as you can so that you are forced to walk for at least five minutes or more both ways, on your way into work, and back on your way home.

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A Little Encouragement for Kat and Gina

How do you do at helping others?

Do you generally lend a hand when it's needed?

I can say with certainty that most of you out there using Break Pal can honestly say yes. I know because I've emailed or conversed with most of you in one way or another. I know in general it's a very positive group. (Oh and it might have something to do with how quickly I delete an account when I sense someone who's a real downer :-) )

So here it is. I hear a lot of stories from frustrated people trying to get in better shape. I've heard success stories to and a lot of good things from people that got started on their journey by using Break Pal.

I'd like to see the group lend a little encouragement to a few frustrated people.

Let's Start with Kat

Kat just recently posted this blog entry

I commented back to her asking if she could commit to just one exercise per day. Not much. Just one three minute exercise.

I'd like to ask a favor of all you Break Pals out there. Would you mind friending her so you can check up on her. Let's see if we can encourage her. don't push her to hard. Just make sure she does one and we'll see what happens from there.

How about it? Will you help.

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How Would You Like to Make an Easy Nice Commission

Let's call this creative marketing. Break Pal has a tiny tiny little ad budget. So we'd like to enlist you tohelp.

We're offering a 20% commission for anyone who refers a company to Break Pal. Break Pal is great for companies. It increases productivity. Decreases health care costs. And it reduces worker's comp risks. It's a no brainer.

So how do you get in on it. Easy! Send an email to . You'll immediately be sent an auto responder message. That message is a nice sales letter you can send out to anyone you know who might be interested. Know someone who has a little pull at a company that has employees who work at computers? Then you have a prospect.

Maybe it'll work for you. Maybe not. But it'll take you about two minutes and it might pay off well. Give it a try!

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In The Stockton Record Today!

So we're in the paper today.

But they called Break Pal a spin off of our personal fitness business.


Should have figured when the reporter called himself a computer potato but then asked "Won't I look funny doing Break Pal" that he wouldn't get it.

Liz told him that people like him do have a choice. Do something good for themselves like Break Pal or ....

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Fitting it In

Getting in enough exercise throughout the day is tough. Of course with Break Pal we've got you covered. You get the required 30 minutes. But of course when it comes to exercise more is better.

I've created a facebook group for people to add their tips on how they get in just a bit more exercise throughout the day. If your on facebook please join and share your wisdom

Facebook Fitting It In

And of course please post your comments here.


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Break Pal affiliate Program

Finally an affiliate program for Break Pal. Interested in making a couple extra bucks. Maybe a lot of bucks. Help us promote Break Pal.

We've just put the Break Pal Affiliate Program in place. Get paid for referring people.

What could be better. Help your friends get in shape, feel better, and lead more productive lives and get paid while doing it.

We use Clickbank to host our affiliate program. Signup is simple and easy. You can then use your affiliate links wherever you like. In your email signature. In your blog. Wherever (except for spammy places).

So get signed up and make yourself some extra money. Everybody likes that.

Break Pal Affiliate Program


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