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Power Breaks - A Great ROI

To say that we live in a hectic, stressful world is beyond stating the obvious. Competition is fierce and with such high competition for jobs these days, being at your best is essential. However it's been shown recently that being overly focused and obsessive about getting projects done can be entirely counter productive. It may be a bit on the counter-intuitive side and maybe even difficult for those who consider themselves to be very hard workers to do. But stepping back from your work for a few minutes may just get the job done faster and better.

It turns out that humans work best in cycles. The length of the cycle may be determined by the type of work but not only does physical work require short rests to increase productivity but so does mental. Imagine two guys digging a ditch. Anyone who's done this knows that the most efficient way to get the job done is for one guy to pick while the other guy rests and then the other guy shovels while the first guy rests. With this demanding work it turns out that the fastest way to get the job done is cycling work and breaks. If they both went at it at the same time they would both very quickly tire and very little work would get done. But if they set up a work rest sequence then at the end of the day a great deal of work gets done. Well it turns out our minds work much the same way.

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Break Pal Challenge

Hello fellow Break Palers,

Wanted to say congratulations to everyone. I'm quite impressed with all the points being racked up. Michele Lord ( is still in the lead. She's relentless but cja1976 ( ) is always right on her tail. Watch out though, some of the newcomers are coming on strong.

I noticed that Mrselaineous ( has some good things to say and has issued a challenge in her profile. You might want to stop by and say hi to her and cheer her on. Or take her up on her challenge.

I just wanted to point out that you might be even more inspired if you used more of the features of the site. Specifically the friends feature. Go to someones profile and click on the friend link in the upper left. This will initiate a friend request. When you are friends with someone on the site it will show up in your profile and also show your friends current points. Current points are the points earned in the last 7 days.


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