Cardio Kung Fu

Cardio Kung Fu is extremely unique in that it is a great workout but it is non-impact. This makes it perfect for those who are concerned about knee or back problems. There is very little stress on the joints and it can be great for the back.
liz CatAerobics programs in general are either high impact or low impact, each having certain benefits. Low impact aerobics are easier on the body, they are less likely to adversely affect the joints and back. However, they cannot give you a great cardio workout. High impact aerobics, on the other hand, sacrifice the joints but provide a great workout.

Along comes Cardio Kung Fu. Kung Fu Aerobics provide a great workout which can build up to an extreme workout, better than what you’ll find in any gym.

Because you can get such a great workout in a short amount of time with Cardio Kung Fu that makes it a perfect part of the complete workplace wellness program. The exercises can be done in a small space without any extra equipment. We reccomend it as one of our best high intensity office exercises.

Cardio Kung Fu is based upon Shou’ Shu, a soft style form of Kung Fu. Because it is based upon a soft style it’s motions are soft and flowing rather than jerky and erratic. Having soft and flowing motions while using predominantly larger muscle groups, allows for a fantastic workout without the harmful effects of typical aerobics. Aside from Cardio Kung Fu, martial arts aerobics in general fall into the high impact category, if you are not in excellent shape already you may risk injury with many of the products on the market.

Martial artists, as a part of their training must learn more about the body, such as body dynamics, bone alignment, chi, proper stances etc. A martial artist becomes aware of what is natural to the body and what is not, which helps prevent injury (if we are injured we cannot train). We learn, through proper instruction,how to overcome certain problems such as back and knee problems. The motions of the soft style martial arts are beneficial to the body.

Adding a few punches and kicks to a regular gym workout does not make it martial arts aerobics. Martial arts aerobics should be taught by a qualified instructor. Learning from someone who does not understand the body mechanics of Kung Fu can be detrimental.

Can Anyone do this workout?

Yes. Cardio Kung Fu is easy to adapt to different body shapes and sizes. Intensity levels can easily be modified simply by how low you go in the stances.

Will I Get a Good Workout?

One thing for certain is that you are going to feel some muscles you might not have known you had. Cardio Kung Fu works the lower body muscles especially hard. this means your going to get great legs and a great butt. You'll find that there is no better butt workout than what you'll find with Cardio Kung Fu.

That's why we've included Cardio Kung Fu as a key workout in Break Pal. It's a fantastic workout with many benefits.

Give it a try!