Earning Points

Break Pal works because of the Break Pal community. The greatest motivator a person can have is knowing their friends are looking out for them.

Zig Ziglar one said:

"You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want."

and we believe this philosophy.

The Break Pal point system was created to reflect this. Help other people by encouraging them and letting them know your keeping an eye on them and they will do the same for you. So just be a good community member and you'll earn lots and lots of points. But just to let you know what racks the points up here's the list:

How to Earn Points
How Points Description
Every time you do an exercise video you score one point. Yes we're watching. No cheating.
Commenting on a blog
Comment on any blog post. You can comment ont the Break Pal blog or any other users blog too!
Commenting on a video lesson
We love feedback. When you exercise to one of the videos let us know what you think
Commenting in a group
Get active in the groups. Every time you comment on a group post you earn points.
Commenting on someone's introduction
When people introduce themselves in the groups we'd love it if you'd welcome them. Say hello
Posting on Someones guestbook
Go to any users profile and you'll see a guestbook at the bottom. Say hello and offer some support.
Invite a Friend
This is our favorite. Invite a friend to join Break Pal. The more the merrier.
Your friend registers

You get more points when your friend uses your invitation to register. Many of our really high point users are big on this.

Someone reads your blog post
Every time someone reads your blog post you get a point. that could be a whole lot of points if your posts are popular.
Someone reads your group post
If someone reads your group post . So of course you'll want people active in your group
Someone views your introduction
If someone reads your group introduction you get a point
Someone visits your Profile
Stop by and learn about a fellow Break Pal. Maybe they'll come see you. You might even link to your profile from another site. Good idea huh?
OK, this is a freebie. But you've got to start somewhere/
Posting a blog
We love to read your blog entries. Post away
Post a fitness tip
Let us know all the great ways you fit exercise into your day.
Create a group post
Be active in the groups and start conversations.
Introduce Yourself in a group
C'mon. We want to know who you are. So tell us.
Post a testimonial
Yeah that's a lot of points. But we love to hear how great we are too!
Change your status
Change your profile status so we know how your doing today.
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