Healthy Eating in the workplace

The Modern Diet

As a human race, some of us have gone from "just meat" to "just vegetables." From caveman to modern man. From living into your 30's to living to 100 or more. Has "red meat" been a part of the reason cavemen and those in the 17 & 1800's didn't live long? Perhaps, but disease has also played a part in long life and health. You have healthy carbs and unhealthy carbs (IE: refined white flour falls into the unhealthy category whereas almond flour falls into the healthy category). Sometimes we start out healthy but based on what we add to our salads makes for an unhealthy meal. In short, many basic foods lack the nutritional quality necessary for a healthy diet.

Why should a workplace be concerned about healthy eating?

Primarily because this will affect insurance cost, loss of employees (due to illness, poor immune systems, or even death) and reduce the risk of heart disease. Lots of people report feeling better, more cheerful, less anxiety and even a boost in their self esteem after changing their eating habits.
Great movie out called "Do No Harm" which is all about eating habits and how this can have a positive impact on autistic children and those with seizures. So if changing eating habits can vastly improve an autistic persons well being, don't you think it could yours?

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