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Get started with our free basic membership and get plenty of features. Exercises delivered right to your desktop. A timer to remind you to do them. All the social features so you can interact with your virtual workout buddies. Plus enough great exercises you can do right at your desk to get you started on a great exercise routine.

If you love the concept and the exercises you can upgrade at any time and receive all the great exercises we have to offer. Great Chi Kung exercises to keep the oxygen flowing and keep you invigorated and feeling great. Fun Cardio Kung Fu Exercises that will really get the blood pumping. Relaxing Office Yoga and Desk Yoga to keep you supple

There's no time limitation on the free account. But it does have a limited number of exercises.

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Want to get the full regimen of exercises now?

Would you like to have all of the office safe exercises delivered right to your desktop to get you in shape right at your desk?

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