Office Yoga

Office Yoga can be an effective way to keep stress levels down throughout the day. A full yoga class, we all know, is totally relaxing. However, even a few minutes here and there can help out considerably. Especially when your dealing with the stress that comes up during the normal workday. Just a little deep breathing exercise can help center you and maintain your productivity levels.

Break Pal reminds you to take short breaks and also delivers a variety of office exercises such as office yoga right to your desktop. It's a perfect compliment to any workplace wellness program

You'll feel better at the end of the day and be far more productive throughout the day. Break Pal includes a variety of office safe yoga. Exercises you can do right at your desk and get right back to work. Remarkably many people find that even though they take these short breaks throughout the day. In the end they have been far more productive overall.

Break Pal's Office Yoga includes:

Abdominal Breathing Exercises: Great for interupting stress patterns and getting you back on track in your day. It's amazing what just a few moments of deep abdominal breathing can do to help manage stress.

Neck Stretches: Stress quickly builds up in the neck and shoulders when working at a desk. Relieving this stress throughout the day is essential to good health. You'll find a variety of great stretches for helping you rid yourself of pent t up stress in the neck.

Hip Stretches: Sitting all day is very unnatural to the hips. It doesn't take long to develop tight hips and hip flexor problems. Maintaining proper flexibility and health requires that you keep the hips stretched out throughout the day. Break Pal will not only remind you to do this but will deliver some great fun exercises that will keep you limber and healthy.

Upper back Stretches:For many people the upper back is an area where stress really build up. If left alone this tension will work its way up to the neck and cause even more tension there. It's a difficult area to keep loose and relaxed. Break pal is full of great exercises to relieve upper back stress. Our office yoga exercises are great for this. Especially when coupled with our Qi gong exercises. Your back will thank you for it.

You'll find these and many more great exercises in Break pal. Get started today!