That was funny anniam
Videos should be much faster loading and look better for everyone. Let me know if you see anything funky!
Web timer should be fixed. Sorry about the inconvenience
Is anyone experiencing problems with the web timer?
Emma is rockin the points. Go Emma
The Iphone app is out! Search for Break Pal in the app store to install it!
@Sally I see you got it going. Great!
Hey where's clabmusic today. Our former leader is AWOL
@pcarlson Do you mean how to get to the exercises?
Monday are good days to Break Pal. I'd suggest you do.
Re: @mariapeterson Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
It's Monday and we're off with @MammaNicholas in the lead!
@Cindy Lou There are a number of stretches. Look under misc. But yes. We'll add more soon
It's mid week and Robyn is the point leader. Go Robyn!!!
@eat lots of watermelon, LOL
Don't slip out of good habits because of a Holiday. That's how it all starts. A day off becomes two becomes 20 pounds
Hey Everyone. Please vote for Break Pal
And Heather takes the lead again. No surprise :-)
I just saw all these mssgs. Thanks Phil
Congratulations to Heather Hill. Our top Break Pal of the week AGAIN!
Heather has some catching up to do
I See Robinrich took the lead. Good Job Robin!!!
Re: [@Liz Weaver] Happy Monday!
Welcome @Mindyann
Just added the web based app. If you can't download this is the way to go. Simple and easy.
good morning everyone. We're still busy revamping the site and getting everything working again. Thanks for sticking in there.
Hello, this is the first status on the new site test new