Workplace Wellness Program

wellnessWorkplace wellness programs are an essential part of maintaining productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Employers can realize substantial ROI if a wellness program is effective. However the biggest hurdle is employee participation. With good employee participation return can be enormous. Without it your dollars are wasted.

At Break Pal we have come up with an easy to implement, low cost, simple, yet highly effective workplace wellness program guaranteed to have fantastic levels of participation.

Break Pal works with human nature, not against it. Several factors are inherent in Break Pal which are not in other workplace wellness programs. These are:

Kaizen- Kaizen is the principle of small continuous improvements over time. Originally popularized by Japanese companies such as Toyota, the principle was used to rebuild Japan after World War II. After realizing the success of Japanese companies, the principle spread to companies around the world.

Break Pal is successful because it utilizes the principle of Kaizen. It takes a great deal of motivation to go to the gym or for a jog. However a three minute exercise done right at your desk is easy to gear up for. We get this response from Break Pal users all the time. They say they can always motivate themselves to do an exercise if they know it will only be a few minutes.

Motivation builds! What we have found is that once a person starts doing just a couple of these three minute exercises then they find themselves motivated to more. Over and over again we have people come to us and say how surprised they are that they actually wanted to go to the gym at the end of the day. It's truly amazing.

The Power of the Peer. One of the most unusual aspects of human nature is that we will do for others what we won't do for ourselves. This is why having a workout buddy is effective. we'll show up to support a friend when we really don't feel like doing something our self. Break pal puts the power of the workout buddy to work. Because it is also a social network and a big part of the social network is the point system. People workout to support their friends. The social network offers encouragement. We've found that users will spontaneously offer challenges to keep others motivated which keeps themselves motivated. Of course Break Pal allows users to have workout buddies around the world.

Low Entry Level
The highest risk employees are often the hardest to motivate. A person who is unaccustomed to physical fitness programs can easily be intimidated by them. Break Pal provides exercises for all physical levels. Workers can start out with simple stretches and work up to more demanding exercises. Yoga and Chi Kung are provided as well as high intensity cardio programs. Everyone can participate at their level and slowly work up to new levels as they build fitness and confidence.

The Power of the Social Network - Think Facebook, Twitter
We are obviously attracted to online social networks. If Facebook were a country it would now be the eight largest country in the world. Twitter grew at 1382% in one year. There is an obvious draw. Break Pal creates a very similar experience. People can friend each other and build networks. Yet these networks are focussed around staying fit at work. The very social nature of Break Pal brings people back and while they are there the thing to do is to a little exercise. It's what the social network is about so that's what gets talked about.

Wouldn't you love to have your employees motivated like this? It's smart to work with human nature rather than against it. Remember, a wellness program is only good if it works. Break Pal has shown over and over that people love it and will actually do it. Set up a free trial today to find out what we can do for your company.