What is Break Pal?

  • An exercise break timer on steroids
  • It's facebook meets fitness
  • It's the power of the peer
  • It's deskercise for the deeply overworked
  • It's fitness and well being right at the desk that's got you tied down

It's the simple answer to your fitness needs

So here's how it works:

Every 30 minutes (or whatever time interval you set it to go off at) BreakPal will pop up on your computer screen and remind you to exercise.

But that's not all.

The program will then direct you to a video with an exercise of your choice. Exercises vary from simple stretches to whatever. Martial arts aerobics, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi kung and soon all kinds of crazy stuff like belly dancing and Salsa dance. New exercises are added on a continual basis to keep things interesting. No boring office stretches here (unless that's what you want).

But Then It Gets Better

The program is built around a social networking site. You know like facebook or myspace. Except everyone on this social site has one thing in common. Trying to stay in shape while carrying on a busy lifestyle and working a desk job. Everyone here wants the same thing. To get in better shape.

So How Does That Help?

Well, have you ever had a workout buddy? Maybe a walking partner. You were held accountable right? That's what the network does. You know someone else is going to know if you did your workout and they are going to call you on it.

Every time you view a workout video you get a point (We're just going to assume you did more than just view it right). Your points add up in your profile. But points also expire. So you have to keep it up to keep your points up. Users get points for being a part of the community. Inspiring others. Things like that. All of your buddies can see your points. As a matter of fact those points show up right on your buddies profile page. So it only takes them a second to know what you've been up to.

So it may be Olga in Russia, Katariina in Finland, or Alaknanda in India, but someone will know if you did your workout. And they'll let you know they know.

The exercises are fun. Something new all the time. You might even learn some new dance moves or how to deliver a proper cobra strike. You'll want to do it because its fun.

Exercises are anywhere from 2-5 minutes, depending upon the desired results. Some ar easy. Some are hard.

By getting up from your desk and getting a few minutes of exercise, you'll feel better and increase your metabolism. You'll also greatly reduce the strain that sitting at a desk for long periods puts on your body.

This will also boost productivity. Exercise always does. You'll get more done in a day by taking a few minutes out every half hour.

It's also a well known fact that exercise is cumulative. Exercising for three minutes every thirty minutes for an eight hour work day will give you the same results as doing a forty five minute aerobics class, without driving to the gym.

The exercises will work every part of your body. It's really the easiest way I know of to get in shape. Fun, motivating, and a little peer pressure to get things going. this is the answer to your fitness needs. And have a little fun while your at it.

C'mon, Give Your Chair a Break!!!

Get started now!

Phil Weaver

Break Pal